Australia's Leading Criminal Trial Barristers

The barristers of Samuel Griffith Chambers are committed to the protection of individual rights and ensuring fairness and justice in the criminal courts of New South Wales.

Founded in 1992, the floor takes the name of the first Chief Justice of Australia, Sir Samuel Griffith, who was a pioneer of the criminal law in Australia.

We have 37 floor members who offer extensive experience in District Court and Supreme Court trials, Local Court hearings, appeals, sentencing, bail hearings and advice. The floor also offers barristers who are experienced in Family Law, Commissions of Inquiry and Inquests and Tribunal hearings.

Based in Sydney’s CBD, the barristers of Samuel Griffith Chambers regularly appear in Courts and Tribunals throughout New South Wales.

Solicitors may contact our Clerks of Chambers to brief a member of the floor or enquire about the availability or suitability of Counsel.